A Guide for Creating Web Pages That Will Convert

Not sure what you need to add to your web pages to get leads and make sales? Here are some tips from web solution providers to help you get started on your web design process.
- Include a call to action, such as signing up for an email newsletter or following social media channels. The placement of your call to action button has to be strategically selected, as the top of your web page is usually where it will get the most views.
- Use compelling headlines to attract readers and encourage them to read on.
A large font with a contrasting color can be effective in driving attention towards key points while creating an intriguing first impression of what you have published. Remember that different audiences prefer different styles and you have to first research and decide the preferences of your audience.
- Keep your content fresh and entertaining for users by adding relevant videos, pictures, or other multimedia elements to break up the text.
Enterprise Web Design Expert suggests multimedia content is the need of the hour and it will not just increase your website's ranking on search engines, but also increase the time spent by users on your web page.
- Profit from social media sites.
Social Media is a great tool for expanding and increasing the reach of your content to an audience that you may have never been able to connect with before. The key here is to use these platforms as another form of promotion for what you are trying to sell or promote rather than merely posting links back to other pages on your site which can be seen as spamming if done too often. It's about building relationships first and foremost! And in order for this strategy to work, the expert web solution provider suggests that it requires more commitment than simply signing up at Facebook and tweeting every once in a while.
- Make the most of blog posts by including links in content that will build authority and increase traffic
- Make use of social media to share your posts and attract new followers. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn are all popular mediums through which you can build a following on the web. Social Media is an effective way to drive traffic back to your blog page from external sources that might not have otherwise been exposed to it.
And here are a few things you have to NOT include in your landing page:
- No pop ups/pop unders
Try and avoid using a pop up window or a pop under. Pop ups are annoying and intrusive, violating the user’s experience by defaulting to full screen when they enter your website without their permission
- No auto playing audio
Auto playing audio is another web design elements that can be seen as invasive to the privacy of site visitors.
- Don't use misleading headlines
It's important not to mislead your readers with promises that cannot be fulfilled. For example, if you're going to provide information on how one company managed its blog posts for more than three years straight, make sure it doesn't just end after six months! Misleading online content will only lead to distrust among consumers and other companies who might partner with you in future endeavors."
- Unsubscribe links in the footer, and always provide an unsubscribe link elsewhere on the page or blog post where it's easy to find.
Here ends our guide for creating web pages that will convert. Looking for an expert and experienced solutions for creating converting web pages, then Zorbis's enterprise web solutions are all you need. Contact Enterprise Web Design Expert at Zorbis now at 214-441-1309 or now!
Posted By Michael Stewart
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