Website Design Scales We Follow – That You Should Follow Too!

Is your website your audience’s first visit? Unfortunately, no! 


You cannot imagine how many websites a user visits each day. In the meantime, potential visitors reach your website when they have already seen hundreds of others. 


Due to this, the audience is well-versed with the vague ideas and creative design standards the best website should contain.


Due to the prior viewing experiences of users, every user instincts while finding a perfect place of a logo, navigation process, and more.


As a result, the competitive edge and user expectation graph go higher. 


Therefore, the web design of your website should meet the user's expectations and convince them to find you the right one amongst hundreds of visits. 


Do you want to elevate your website design standards? Continue reading! 


Today, our experienced web designers collect their thoughts and share the website design scales that we follow and might be useful for your website too. 


What are web design standards? 


Web design standards signify the guidelines that uncover the visual and behind-the-screen performance of the website. Abiding by these standards enables you to present a clear picture of the website.


The web design standards are set up as per the user's expectation because our objective is to attract an audience. 


We tackle some of the core factors to set an impeccable design standard that will not harm your Google rankings and website UX. 


So, are you geared up to revamp your website design with our web design standards? Let's start from here! 


Spontaneous Navigation 


Did you know 94% of users demand smooth web navigation? Today's customers don't have enough time or patience to wait for a webpage to load. During a loading period, modern customers will go to another webpage. 


Therefore, it has become crucial to have intuitive navigation alongside appealing web design. The navigation flow should be quick and easy to understand that guides your user at every stage. 


In case your customer finds your navigation wrong; one must consider the following web design standards:


Place the core navigation in the header


Users can view the dropdown menu


If the dropdown menu does not work, you can shift to the hamburger menu. 


Consistent & appealing visuals


Users need 0.005 seconds to stay on the website or leave. It is common for people to say, "Don't judge a book by its cover," but usually, no one has enough time to read the entire book. So, the first impression for every user is the cover, i.e., website design

Our expert designers put their best endeavors into creating an aesthetic web design that can influence anyone to visit your website. Here are some pro tips we use to build a robust digital authority: 


Do not neglect the mobile-friendly approach 


Avoid clutter 


Maintain consistency


Concise Contact Forms



After having an aesthetic visual and fast navigation in your website, do not let the long contact forms spoil your user journey on your website and keep potential customers away. You should concisely limit your questions. Short contact forms are highly used to ensure maximum visitor conversions into customers. 



Visual Direction 



Visual direction is the factor that distinguishes a good designer from a great one. The visual direction is a way to provide direction to encourage needed actions. Businesses can achieve this by offering visual clues without settling on the page's aesthetic element. 


Here are the following practices to better perform visual directions:



Control user movement with images 



Use images to illustrate concepts 



Focused CTA


A robust CTA (Call-to-action) is a key to empowering social following, sales, and user database. Mainly, it relies on what you are asking your customer to do.


It is suggested to use a single CTA to get impressive results rather than provide options. 


If you want your audience to try your product, say it directly. Move visitors towards the first sign-up, go through the website, and try your product with multiple CTAs. 




Are you ready to build a unique website? At Zorbis, we use the best-in-class web design standards to stand out in an ocean of competition.


Our well-experienced designers strive to service excellence in web design services, so they always stay updated with web design standards that enhance their visibility, UX, and overall digital presence.


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Posted By William Fitzhenry
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